With the EPA cracking down on old air conditioning systems, now’s the time to cash in on the AC Buy-Back Program offered exclusively by Air Unlimited Heating and Cooling. We’ll buy back your old air conditioner for up to $1,000!

AC Buy-Back Program

Q: How Much is my AC worth?
A: The amount primarily depends on the efficiency you choose to upgrade to.

Q: How Much will you credit towards my old air conditioner?
A: The credit is structured into tiers. If you purchase a 14seer system you will receive a $300 credit; 16seer $400; 17seer $500; 20+seer $1000.

Q: Will Air Unlimited give me cash for my air conditioner?
A: The Buy-Back amount will be used as a credit towards a new air conditioning system.

Q: Will Air Unlimited take away my old air conditioner?
A: Yes, eco-friendly disposal of your old system is part of our installation process.

R-22 RefrigerantQ: Will Air Unlimited buy back my old AC even if it doesn’t use the discontinued R22 refrigerant?
A: Yes. Even air conditioners using 410A refrigerant endure wear and tear and become less efficient over an extended period of time.

Q: Will I need to replace my furnace and AC?
A: Yes. To qualify for the AC Buy-Back Program, the new system must meet a minimum of 16seer efficiency. To achieve a 16seer rating, the furnace needs to be replaced with one that is equipped with an ECM high-efficiency blower motor.