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Since 2010, has been providing air conditioner repair solutions in and around Kansas City. We have a team of skilled NATE-certified technicians who can fix even the most complicated HVAC issues. While our primary brand is Trane, we service all makes and models. Our goal is to provide high-quality repairs that will stand the test of time. We also offer both residential and commercial HVAC services in Kansas City.

As a family-owned and -operated business, each member of our team exudes professionalism. Customers who call us benefit from 24/7 emergency repair services, exceptional customer service, and more. We spare no effort in exceeding expectations. Our commitment to offering first-rate services has led to a glowing reputation among locals. Moreover, the industry has also recognized our hard work by bestowing on us several plaudits and accreditations.

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Trusted Air Conditioner Repairs For Kansas City

Summer weather can get incredibly hot. If your AC unit is malfunctioning during the warm seasons, you may be stuck in an uncomfortable situation. Thankfully, the crew at provides fast AC repairs in Kansas City. We know that a well-repaired AC system can operate as required regardless of the weather outside. Therefore, our objective is to offer residential air conditioner repair and commercial HVAC services in Kansas City that will get your AC functioning in peak condition. We are on standby waiting to hear your call and will offer fast and responsive services when you need us. Please call us if you notice signs of malfunction in your AC unit.

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Your On-Call Cooling Services

If you need air conditioner repair services in the Kansas City region before temperatures skyrocket, we will deliver outstanding results. Our solutions are not only efficient but also long-lasting; you can expect our skilled technicians’ HVAC services to leave your AC system in top order. Moreover, you can save money as you receive top-grade services since a repair could improve your system’s energy efficiency. Our objective is to leave you satisfied enough to keep coming back to us when in need.

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Air Conditioning Repair You Can Rely On

Providing the Kansas City, and Kansas City Metro Area with top-quality air conditioning repair 24/7 is our promise at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling. Regardless of the issue your system is facing, our skilled technicians will resolve the matter with professionalism and attention to detail.

It’s important to make sure that your air conditioning system is running properly to keep your family cool and comfortable. You might think that AC service is a cost you can avoid, but this can lead to system inefficiencies and ultimately drive your monthly bill up. For reliable AC repair in Kansas City, give us a call!

AC Service

There are many reasons that your AC might need repairs, and our team of NATE-certified technicians is here to diagnose and repair the issue. However, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot a broken AC before you call in the experts.

How to Self-Assess your AC System

While it’s always recommended to contact an expert for major AC unit repairs, there are few ways to troubleshoot minor problems yourself.

  • Set the thermostat at your desired temperature: While this may seem like an obvious solution, it’s often overlooked. You should also set your fan setting to “On” instead of “Auto” when trying to quickly cool down your space.
  • Change your air filter early and often: Your interior air filter removes dust and debris from your home’s airflow. If your AC is performing poorly, an old, blocked filter may be preventing the cold air from reaching your living areas.
  • Check the exterior of the HVAC system: This is where your AC unit interacts with the outside air to cool your house down, so it’s important to ensure the unit has proper ventilation. Help your system work efficiently by removing any obstructions and clearing weeds.

When to Call the Professionals

AC systems can be extremely complicated, so you should not attempt to conduct major repairs on your own. When your system experiences any of the following, be sure you contact an expert right away. Our specialty is AC repair in Kansas City!

  • Excess moisture: This common problem occurs due to a lack of routine maintenance. Over time, debris blocks your drain lines, preventing proper ventilation of your system. As a result, you can expect ice build-up around your system. If this happens to you, turn off your system right away and call a professional.
  • Strange noises: If you notice any unusual noises coming from the interior or exterior of your HVAC system, call for AC repair. This results from a faulty fan, motor, or belt. Loose bolts can cause rattling noises that are easily fixed by our AC repair technicians. Turn off your AC system completely before making any self-assessments.
  • Inaccurate thermostat: If it is clear that your thermostat is misreading the temperature, you might have a faulty sensor or wiring malfunction. You can often tell that this is the case if you get a temperature reading much lower than how the room feels. Call Air Unlimited for AC service, and our technicians will conduct a proper diagnosis.
  • Poor airflow: Uneven air distribution throughout your house can signify an HVAC system that is no longer working properly. You may often find that upstairs rooms do not cool as quickly or stay cool for as long. It’s essential to take note of this because system inefficiencies like this can raise your bill if you constantly have to set lower temperatures on your thermostat.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that HVAC systems can feel overwhelming and complicated, so that’s why we’ve put together this list of commonly asked questions our technicians have received from informed HVAC system owners.

In general, you should replace your HVAC system every 10 to 15 years. These systems include an intricate maze of vents, ducts, pipes, and wires, so it’s not surprising they don’t last forever. However, routine maintenance like duct cleaning and filter changing can help prolong the life of your HVAC system.

If your system is beyond repair, our NATE-certified HVAC professionals will help guide you through the process of purchasing a new system—all while ensuring that you pay the fairest possible price.

Certified HVAC professionals should perform most AC repairs, especially any issues dealing with wiring, sensors, and motors. However, we encourage you to take a proactive approach towards ongoing AC maintenance by frequently checking your exterior system for obstructions and changing your air filter every month.

Also, you should be sure to note any sudden changes to your HVAC system cycles. Keep a brief written record of any unusual noises or smells, and let your technician know during your next routine scheduled maintenance session.

Emergency AC Repair

Our team at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling understands that an HVAC system can fail at any time. That’s why we are here for you 24/7. If your AC suddenly stops working for any reason, just give us a call, and we’ll send out one of our technicians right away to assist.

Air Conditioning Repair in Kansas City

Where’s the best AC repair near me? We’ve proudly provided AC repair in Kansas City, and Kansas City Metro Area for over a decade, so our technicians are uniquely qualified to provide region- and season-specific advice for your home and its HVAC system.

We understand that summers can be sweltering here in the heartland, so we want you to be sure that you’re receiving the best possible advice and service regarding your AC system.

Not only are we a BBB-accredited company, but we also have a long list of client testimonials that can speak to our professionalism, honesty, and attention to detail. We’re proud to call the Kansas City Metro Area home, so if you need AC repair in Kansas City give Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling a call today!

Kansas City’s HVAC Contractor

At Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to being an AC company that puts the needs of our Kansas City, KS, customers first. Regardless of the type of cooling system you have in the City of Fountains, we’ll make sure that it’s ready to work reliably. As a family-owned and -operated company, we’re able to offer personalized services during the hot summer months in Kansas City. Since our founding in 2010, we’ve been offering exceptional customer service. We’re accredited by the BBB and EPA certified. As a result of our dedication to excellence, we’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award five years in a row. We primarily work with Trane products and use parts and materials that we can trust.

We’re known for:

  • Having NATE-certified technicians
  • Working with ENERGY STAR-certified products
  • Charging reasonable rates
  • Having flexible appointment availability

Affordable Kansas City AC Repairs

When you have a broken air conditioner in your Kansas City home, Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling aims to be the AC company that you turn to for assistance. If you’re dealing with an emergency situation, we’re happy to provide 24/7 availability. We can work on all makes and models of AC units. Our technicians will arrive with everything they need to diagnose the cause of a problem. You’ll be able to review and approve a cost estimate for the repair before we get started with it. We can give you various options for moving forward with a job.

AC Installations Kansas City Trusts

As HVAC contractors, we understand the benefits of having a modern cooling system in your Kansas City home. We can help you understand the various makes and models of air conditioner that could keep each room in your house cool and comfortable when outside temperatures rise. At Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to offer our Kansas City customers sound advice about any situation they’re dealing with. Flexible financing options are offered to our customers with approved credit for our installations.

Knowledgeable technicians will:

  • Arrive punctually to their appointments
  • Remove your old AC unit carefully
  • Dispose of all waste properly
  • Leave a spotless work area

Quality AC Maintenance

Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling makes it easy to get regular tune-ups for any Kansas City AC system. Our work could increase the energy efficiency of your unit and keep it running year after year. We’ll get everything cleaned out and find any lurking issues that need to be fixed. Plus, we offer value-packed maintenance plans to make regular tune-ups a breeze!

Our AC company also offers a full range of heating services in Kansas City. Give Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling a call today to learn more about our work as HVAC contractors serving Kansas City residents.

Chasing Arrows

To learn more about our heating company and the work we perform in Kansas City and Kansas City Metro Area, call Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling today. Not looking for heating services? We also offer highly rated cooling services for our customers in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.