Getting Furnace Ready for Winter: 5 Best Practices

Are you interested in getting your furnace ready for winter? Following a few easy steps allows you to feel confident about staying warm, even during the coldest part of the year. Our team at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling provides professional advice about furnace care and offers maintenance services.

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#1: Check Your Thermostat Early

The experts recommend that you start getting your furnace ready for winter by checking the basic functions of your thermostat. Make sure that the thermostat changes when you switch it over to heat. You should hear a click and notice the furnace blowing warm air within a minute.

What to Do if the Thermostat Doesn’t Work

You have options if you notice the thermostat does not work. Remove the cover of the thermostat and check the batteries to make sure they have a charge. You may also check the wire connections. However, many homeowners prefer to get expert help by contacting a professional.

#2: Perform Basic Checks on Associated Systems

Your furnace produces heat to warm your house on a cold day. The system relies on several parts to function best. Depending upon the heating set up for your property, you may want to check out the following:

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors represent a critical safety feature in your property. These tools check for an invisible gas that some furnaces produce. The gas should get vented out of your house in a safe manner, but accidents can happen.

Make sure your detectors are in proper working order and have fresh batteries before turning on your furnace for the first time. You should also check your smoke detectors at the same time. Many property owners check all detectors every year when the time changes, but you can complete the check whenever works best for you.


Do you have a chimney associated with your furnace system? A chimney becomes a fire hazard if animals nest in the flue or if too much carbon builds up on the inside. Professionals offer chimney cleaning services to protect your property.

Air Filters

Many furnaces connect to a home’s HVAC system. The vents in the HVAC system run through a filter that can remove several contaminants from the air, including:

●      Pet dander

●      Dust

●      Pollen

The experts recommend changing your filter regularly to keep your air clean and allow for efficient operation of your furnace system. When you change the filter, make sure that you use a replacement that fits the furnace properly.

#3: Protect Your AC System

Furnaces heat your home throughout the winter, but they cannot provide cooling services in the summer months. Many property owners in the Lee’s Summit area rely on outdoor air conditioning units to handle cooling.

Covering your AC condenser before winter provides it with protection from the elements. Do not use plastic to protect the unit, as this can trap moisture against the system, but a board or trash can lid strapped into place with bungee cords can do the job.

Note that you should not cover your AC unit if you have a heat pump. Heat pumps both cool and heat your home and should remain in operation throughout the year.

#4: Check Your Oil Tank

Propane remains one of the primary fuels used to run furnaces around the country. Oil-powered furnaces require a few extra steps to get ready for the winter months. The experts recommend that you schedule an appointment for technicians to:

●      Change the oil filter

●      Clean the burner nozzle

●      Brush the heat-exchanger

Oil does not burn in the same way as gas and often leaves more of a residue behind. Keeping the oil tank components clean allows the fuel to move easily through the system, encouraging efficient heating throughout the winter.

#5: Set Up Furnace Maintenance

Getting a furnace ready for winter helps the unit function at peak efficiency, keeping your home warm and comfortable. Efficiently operating furnaces save a lot of money on your energy expenses. Regular maintenance also helps you avoid expensive breakdowns.

Yearly furnace maintenance can extend the life of your heating system. Generally, the experts recommend setting up your service in the fall months to give maintenance crews plenty of time to assess your system and identify any potential problems.

Furnace maintenance professionals step in to take care of your:

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger plays a vital role in heating your property. Trained professionals keep this part of the furnace in good condition by:

●      Looking for cracks

●      Brushing it

●      Vacuuming it out

Cracks in the heat exchanger allow carbon monoxide to escape the furnace and enter the air of your house, leading to serious medical complications in some cases.

Blower Motor

The blower motor allows the furnace to propel warm air through your property. Some blower motors require regular lubrication to function correctly. A skilled furnace maintenance technician can review your system and lubricate it as necessary.

Igniter Switch

The igniter switch turns your furnace on. Older models use a pilot light that often goes out over the summer months. You may need to relight it to get your furnace running once more.

Newer models often use an electronic switch. Professionals can check your igniter switch during a maintenance appointment to make sure it functions properly for you. Igniter switches sometimes trip due to an electrical surge.

If you think your igniter switch tripped, you can reset it with your circuit breaker.

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