How Air Purifiers Can Fight Against Viruses and Bacteria

In this day and age, fighting against viruses and bacteria is an important aspect of modern living. With worldwide airlines sending people from continent to continent in very little time, the spread of viruses and other bacteria has become quicker and even more dangerous than ever before. Because of this, it is crucial that everyone take any precautions they can to help in the fight against these invisible enemies.

Fighting Germs: Building the Best Defense

Most people are very familiar with the ways in which they can help to stop the spread of disease and germs. Children are taught from a young age to continuously wash their hands throughout the day, especially when they are sick or someone close to them is sick. This does a great deal to help limit the number of germs and viruses that can spread from physical contact.

Another very useful line of defense is to sanitize any exposed or commonly used surfaces. This is one of the reasons we wash our dishes and utensils with hot water and antibacterial soap. It’s also a big part of why we use strong chemicals to clean surfaces around the house, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom areas. This, too, can be extremely helpful in the fight against viral infection and bacterial spread. Because of its effectiveness, this method is widely used in places like hospitals and other health care facilities to avoid contamination of surfaces and equipment. And modern techniques make this effort worthwhile.

However, sometimes bacteria and viruses can be spread through the air. When this is the case, all the handwashing and surface sanitizing you can possibly do might not be enough to stop the spread of a particular virus or bacterial infection. In many cases, these airborne viruses can be much more dangerous as they are much more difficult to contain. Although invisible to the naked eye, the threat of airborne bacteria is a very real one, and it is something that needs to be constantly and consistently defended against.

Air Purifiers: How They Can Help

When most people think of air purifiers, they think of their well-known ability to filter dust and other debris from the air. This feature can be extremely useful to filter allergens like pet hair, pollen, and other contaminants out of your air. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that bacteria and viruses will also be eliminated from the air.

Because of this, certain air purifier manufacturers have developed versions of their products that are specifically designed to fight against the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria. These air purifiers have your health and wellness as their main goal, making them a fantastic addition to any home or place of business. But how do you know that the air purifier you pick will be able to fight against these types of issues?

Key Features: What to Look for in an Air Purifier

Without prior knowledge of what it takes to stop bacteria and viruses in the air, you’ll be at a disadvantage in choosing your air purifier, and you may even find yourself easily duped into buying something that just doesn’t quite get the job done. If your intention is to protect yourself and others from bacteria and viruses in the air, here are the three main recommended components to look for in an air purifier:

  • True HEPA filter
  • UV-C germicidal light
  • Heat sterilization

It is important to note that these items are listed in order of effectiveness, with HEPA filters being the least effective of the three and heat sterilization being the most effective. HEPA filters are great at filtering out most bacteria, but viruses can still get through their 0.3-micron filters. For this reason, if viruses are a major concern to you, moving up to ultraviolet light or heat sterilization models will probably be your best bet.

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