How To Fix Clogged Air Duct

If you live in a home with central air conditioning, you’ve probably noticed that your unit doesn’t always blow as cold as it used to. That’s because the air ducts that bring fresh air from outside into your home can get clogged with dust, debris, and other pollutants. 

Picture this: your air ducts are like the unsung heroes of your home’s comfort, tirelessly circulating refreshing air throughout your space. But here’s the catch – over time, these ducts can get a little… well, clogged. 

If they are not cleaned regularly, these clogs can make the system work harder and use more energy—not to mention they can make your home smell bad!

But how do you know if your air ducts need cleaning? How to open clogged ones? How to check if they are clogged? What are the benefits of cleaning your HVAC ducts?

In this blog, Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling will be going to be your duct detectives, helping you figure out the signs of clogged air ducts or if yours are in need of some TLC, uncovering the benefits of regular cleaning and revealing top-notch tips on how to give those a thorough cleaning.

So, grab your magnifying glass (or just keep scrolling) – we’re about to solve the mystery of clogged air ducts together. Let’s get started!

Can Air Ducts Get Clogged?

YES!  can get clogged, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Air ducts are designed to keep the air in your home circulating freely, but if they’re not kept up, they can get clogged with dust and other debris. Although they may seem like simple conduits for air, they can accumulate various types of debris, dust, and contaminants. As your HVAC system continuously circulates air, it pulls in particles like dust, pet dander, pollen, and even mold spores. This can lead to several problems:

– You might be breathing in dust and particulates that could irritate your lungs or make you sick.

– The air coming into your home will be dirty and may cause allergies or other health problems for your family members.

– Your energy bill could skyrocket from having to run your heater or AC more often.

How to Tell if Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

Wondering, “How to know if your air ducts need cleaning?”

The air ducts in your home are a critical component of your HVAC system. They bring fresh air into the house and remove stale air from it so that you can breathe easily.

However, dust and debris can build up in these ducts over time, causing them to perform poorly or even stop working altogether. If you notice reduced airflow or an increase in dust and allergies, it might be time for an inspection.

Here are five telltale signs that your air ducts need cleaning:

Reduced Airflow.

If you find that your HVAC system isn’t blowing as hard as it used to, or the air coming out of your AC vents is warmer than normal, it’s possible that there’s debris in your lines—and that debris can be restricting airflow and even causing leaks.

Increased Dust and Allergies.

Have you been noticing excessive dust settling on surfaces despite regular cleaning? Or are you experiencing frequent allergies or respiratory issues? Clogged air ducts can be a culprit, as they recirculate dust, allergens, and other contaminants throughout your living space. If you find yourself constantly dusting or suffering from unexplained allergy symptoms, it’s time to consider cleaning your air ducts and look for professional companies that clean inside home air ducts in Liberty.

Decreased Energy Efficiency. 

It’s common for homeowners in Liberty to notice an increase in their utility bills after a good airing out of their air ducts, but they don’t realize that this increase is saving them money long-term by providing them with cleaner, healthier air throughout their homes!

Vermin Infestation.

Are you hearing scratching or scurrying noises coming from your air ducts? It could mean unwelcome guests like rodents or insects have taken up residence in your ductwork. In addition to being a nuisance, their presence can cause blockages and spread contaminants. Cleaning air ducts and addressing the infestation should be a priority.

Strange Odors.

Strange odors in your home are often the first sign that something is wrong with your air ducts. If you notice a musty, mildewy smell or any other strange odor coming from your vents, it may be time to have them cleaned professionally by companies that clean inside home air ducts in Liberty.

Visible Debris or Mold.

When you see visible debris or mold in your air ducts, it’s time to call in the professionals. It may seem like an easy fix, but the only way to ensure the problem is gone is by cleaning air ducts for mold with a heating and cooling professional trained in cleaning them.

Why Should You Clean Clogged Air Ducts?

You live in a world where you can’t avoid being exposed to dust and other particles. It’s there in your home, it’s there at work, and it’s even there in the air that you breathe.

The problem with dust is that it can get into your air ducts and cause serious health problems for you and your family. If you don’t clean clogged air ducts on a regular basis, you risk breathing in all of these harmful particles every time you turn on your AC or heater.

Cleaning clogged air ducts is an essential part of your home’s maintenance and has several benefits.

Here are five reasons why you should clean clogged air ducts:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You may not realize it, but the air in your home directly reflects the air outside. The only difference between the two is that indoor air is more heavily polluted than outdoor air due to the presence of mold and other allergens inside your home.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

When air ducts are clogged, the airflow becomes restricted. This puts a strain on your HVAC system as it struggles to maintain the right temperature. The system ends up working harder and consuming more energy to compensate for the reduced airflow. By air ducts cleaning, you improve the efficiency of the system, potentially reducing energy consumption and lowering your utility bills.

Reduction in Allergens and Irritants

Clean air ducts are even more crucial if you or your family members suffer from allergies, asthma, or respiratory conditions. Clogged ducts can harbor allergens, mold spores, and other irritants that exacerbate these conditions. By eliminating the source of these contaminants through regular cleaning, you create a healthier living environment and reduce the potential for allergic reactions or respiratory issues.

Prolonged HVAC System Lifespan

This is another number of reasons why you should clean clogged air ducts. Ducts can get clogged with dust and debris over time, which can affect your HVAC system’s performance. Your HVAC system will have to work harder to extract air from the vents, and this can force it to wear out sooner than expected. Additionally, if your vents are clogged, air will not be able to reach all areas of the house, and this could lead to poor temperature control throughout the house.

Odor Elimination

Clogged air ducts can lead to the buildup of mold and mildew. If this occurs over a long period of time, it can cause significant damage to the structure of your home and increase the risk of illness or allergic reactions in those who live there. Cleaning the ducts removes these odor-causing substances, resulting in fresher, more pleasant-smelling indoor air.

How To Clean Clogged Central Heating And Air Ducts?

Cleaning clogged heating and air ducts requires a systematic approach. While it’s possible to clean them yourself, hiring a professional ductwork installation and repair technician is often recommended for thorough and effective results. However, if you’re confident in your DIY skills, here’s a general guideline for cleaning clogged air ducts:

Gather the necessary tools.

You’ll need a screwdriver, a vacuum cleaner with a long hose attachment, brushes with soft bristles, microfiber cloths, and a disinfectant spray.

Turn off the HVAC system.

Before starting any air ductwork cleaning process, turn off the heating or cooling system to prevent debris from being circulated during the cleaning.

Access the ductwork.

Locate the access points to your ductwork. These are usually found in each room’s ceiling or walls, covered by grilles or vents. Use a screwdriver to remove the grilles and gain access to the ducts.

Clean the vents and grilles.

Start by vacuuming the grilles and vents to remove loose debris and dust. Use a brush with soft bristles to dislodge any stubborn dirt. Wipe them down with a microfiber cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution.

Vacuum the ducts.

Attach a long hose to your vacuum cleaner and carefully insert it into the ducts to remove dust and debris. Move the hose in a sweeping motion to cover all areas. Pay extra attention to corners, bends, and registers where debris tends to accumulate.

Brush and agitate.

For more thorough cleaning, use a brush with soft bristles to agitate the dust and dirt inside the ducts. This helps dislodge stubborn particles from the duct walls. Be gentle to avoid damaging the ducts.

Clean registers and returns.

Remove the registers and clean them separately using a brush and a microfiber cloth. If they are heavily soiled, you can soak them in warm soapy water and rinse them thoroughly.

Disinfect the ducts (optional).

If you suspect mold or mildew growth, you may want to disinfect the ducts. Use a disinfectant spray recommended for HVAC systems and apply it evenly inside the ducts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and allow sufficient time for the disinfectant to work.

Reassemble and test.

Once you’ve cleaned all the ducts and components, reattach the grilles, registers, and vents. Turn on the HVAC system and monitor the airflow to ensure it’s working correctly.

DIY Vs. Professional Ductwork Cleaning 

Duct cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home comfortable. Improperly cleaned ducts can lead to poor air quality, increased energy costs, and even mold growth. 

If you have ever wondered whether it would be cheaper for you to DIY or hire a professional air conditioner service company, then here’s a comparison table highlighting the differences between DIY ductwork cleaning and professional ductwork cleaning:

AspectDIY Ductwork CleaningProfessional Ductwork Cleaning
Expertise and ExperienceRelies on personal knowledge and researchTechnicians have specialized training and experience in duct cleaning
EquipmentUses household vacuum cleaners and basic toolsUtilizes professional-grade equipment and tools designed for duct cleaning
Cleaning EfficiencyMay provide moderate cleaning resultsOffers thorough and effective cleaning
Time and EffortRequires significant time and effortSaves time and effort with professional assistance
AccessibilityLimited access to certain ductwork sectionsCan reach and clean hard-to-access areas
SafetyMay involve risks of personal injury or damageEnsures safety measures and protection of your HVAC system
Mold and Contaminant TreatmentLimited ability to address mold or contaminantsCapable of identifying and treating mold or contaminants
Maintenance and PreventionProvides basic cleaning without ongoing maintenanceOffers recommendations for maintenance and prevention measures
CostGenerally less expensiveMay involve higher upfront costs but can save money in the long run.


What does cleaning air ducts do?

AC ducts are the pipes that run from your air conditioner to your vents. They’re made of metal and plastic and transport cooled air from the AC unit to your rooms.

Why do I need to clean my AC ductwork?

The inside of your ductwork is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This can lead to allergies and asthma, as well as respiratory illness. In addition, the dust and dirt that builds up in your ducts will increase energy costs because it reduces the efficiency of your AC unit.

What should I do if I see mold or mildew growing in my AC ducts?

If you see mold or mildew growing in your air conditioning system, you’ll need to get it cleaned out right away! The longer you wait, the more damage will be done!

How do I know if my AC ductwork needs to be replaced?

If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, you might want to consider replacing the ductwork. Old air conditioner ducts can become clogged with dust and debris from the air that passes through them, causing your unit to work harder than it should. This can lead to higher energy bills and lower cooling efficiency.

How long does it take to replace the AC duct?

The time it takes to replace the AC duct depends on the size and complexity of the system. On average, it takes about 8 hours to complete this process.

How long does it take for an AC duct cleaning?

The time varies depending on the size of your system and how dirty it is, but usually, it takes 1-2 hours per system to clean.

What is the average cost of AC ductwork replacement?

It’s hard to say because every home is different. But you can expect to pay around $2,000-$3,000 to replace your ductwork with a new high-quality system.

What does AC ductwork replacement entail?

AC ductwork replacement involves removing your old AC system’s ductwork and installing a new one in its place. This includes removing any old insulation or covering used on top of the old ductwork so that it can be properly cleaned before new insulation is installed.

How much does it cost to clean the air ducts in my house?

The average cost in a home is between $200-$400, but you can get a quotation online or over the phone. The cost will depend on:

– The size of your house

– The length of your ducts

– The number of vents in your home

– Whether you want to replace any filters while they’re being cleaned

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