How to Tell if You Need Air Conditioning Repair Work

An air conditioner becomes exceptionally helpful when the summer temperatures begin to rise. Besides making the interior comfortable, a home becomes a bit safer when an AC regulates the temperature to reasonable levels. A durable air conditioner can provide years and years of reliable service. Don’t however, assume that an air conditioner won’t run into any problems.

An air conditioner is a machine made of various mechanical and other parts. At some point, expect malfunctions to occur. Are you aware of the signs of a malfunction? Not everyone can identify them, which is understandable. The unit probably works reliably year after year. Still, it’s a good idea to know a few common signs that an air conditioner needs repair work.

Unit Only Blows Hot Air

If the air conditioner is only giving out hot air, this might be the most obvious sign that something isn’t right. An AC system unable to perform its primary function of blowing out cold air doesn’t help members of the household. Granted, the problem could be that the setting is only on “fan,” which means the cold air generation is turned off. Checking the fan setting should be the first thing to do, as this could reveal an easily fixable issue.

If the fan setting isn’t the source of the hot air, then the compressor might be damaged. Until someone services the machine and checks the compressor, the issue won’t self-correct. Request a service call right away, as the unit might need a completely new compressor. Air Unlimited provides repair and maintenance service to people living in the Liberty area. Do you need a new AC unit? Our company handles installation work, too.

Electricity Bills Are High and Efficiency Is Low

You might assume high electrical bills result from running the air conditioner from day into night. In truth, running the system for hours on end drives up costs. So can poor insulation. Another cause might be inefficient parts. Old and worn parts don’t work as they should, so they strain the system and can drive up the electrical costs. If high utility bills come with other performance problems, consider all of the combos to be red flags.

Is the excess cost coming with less than ideal temperatures? A troubled air conditioning system may be unable to cool an interior properly.

Air Conditioner Emits Strange Noises or Odors

An air conditioner doesn’t operate silently, but it shouldn’t make excessive noise either. When you start hearing strange sounds, such as grinding or whirring and the like, coming from the air conditioner, the noise could indicate worn parts or another cause of stress. Don’t overlook those noises because a problem could get worse and progressively more expensive if not repaired right away.

Also, be mindful of any bad smells coming from the air conditioner. There could be mold in the unit, which isn’t healthy. Mold could interfere with parts as well. Other issues could cause bad smells, so ignore nothing.

Excessive Short-Cycling

Cycling is a regular occurrence because the air conditioning system will shut off once the thermostat reaches a particular setting. Then, it will turn on as soon as the temperature rises. The frequency of cycling intervals should be somewhat spaced apart, though. If the cycling keeps occurring repeatedly and in short breaks, there may be a mechanical issue at fault. Perhaps you need a new thermostat. The problem could also be with the AC unit itself.

Also, the air conditioner should turn on without delays. If there are lags in cycling, that isn’t a good sign either.

Humidity Levels and Moisture Buildup Increase

High humidity levels may cause concerns, and for good reason. If the air conditioner is operating as it should, then the humidity level inside your house would invariably be normal. When it becomes obvious the humidity is abnormal and moisture buildup becomes impossible to ignore, something isn’t right with the air conditioning system.

Consider Service Maintenance Requests

A routine maintenance service appointment allows a technician to check out your AC unit for problems. A pre-summer inspection could uncover minor issues that could receive a fix long before the temperatures roll in uncomfortable heat. Considering signing up for such a program.

Since 2010, Air Unlimited has helped customers with their heating and cooling needs. Our company also assists with indoor air quality assessments and solutions, heat pump installation, and other service requests. Call our office today to schedule a home visit.