12 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

Common AC problems can make the summertime less comfortable, but a quick look from our air conditioning professionals is all you need. Our AC unit repair team is part of a reliable and affordable HVAC company in Liberty, MO. Here are some of the most common air conditioner problems we see on the job and how to get the AC system to work properly.

#1 The Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

The circuit breakers cause a common problem when they trip or fail, but most people find that flipping the switch back on solves the problem. If the air conditioner still isn’t running after resetting the breaker, it is a good idea to check the electrical connection and outlet. If plugging in a lamp shows a faulty power supply, call our professionals as soon as possible.

#2 The Air Conditioner Is Too Loud

Another common problem is that the air conditioner is running too loudly. The blower motor probably needs cleaning, and you can usually access this through some screws on the back of the unit. If cleaning the dirty air filters or motor shows no progress, you will need to get hold of our HVAC professionals for assistance.

#3 The Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Properly

Sometimes, the air conditioner cooling function stops working, even when the unit is on and the thermostat shows the correct temperature level. The most common culprit is a dirty or blocked air vent. You can clean it yourself with a garden hose or call our HVAC professionals for assistance. 

If the air conditioner still isn’t cooling correctly after this cleaning session, it may be time to replace the condenser fan motor.

#4 An Annual Maintenance Visit is Overdue

Neglecting your air conditioner’s annual maintenance leads to all kinds of air conditioner problems. You may find yourself with costly repairs, refrigerant leaks, and other health hazards. Risks include mold and mildew growth on indoor coils or evaporator pads during the winter months when you’re not using your unit. 

Regular maintenance visits ensure that there is proper air circulation to prevent mold and mildew growth and moisture build-up issues. The drain line will be clear, and the air you breathe will be as pure as possible after we replace any dirty filter during our service visit.

#5 The Air Filter Needs Cleaning or Replacement

Your air conditioner needs to have a clean filter to function efficiently. If it is dirty, the outside compressor unit will be inefficient and sap up more energy. If you notice your home or a particular room getting warmer than usual, or humid or warm air coming from the vents, it is probably time to change the filters. 

It is almost impossible to tell by looking at the filter, so here are some indicators that the filter needs replacement: 

  • Use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck air through the filter—any resistance means you need to replace the filter.
  • Try placing a piece of tissue paper on top of the air conditioner’s grille and turning it off for five minutes. When you turn the unit back on, wet or slightly damp paper means that your filter is almost due for a replacement.

#6 Worn Contactors Are Giving Problems

When your air conditioner’s contactors wear out or become grimy, the unit won’t turn on consistently. You can resolve this by taking a contact cleaner or spray and rubbing it onto the contact points. Be sure to make your way all around the unit before turning it on. 

If the cleaning doesn’t make a difference, you might need an electrician to clean or replace the wires for you. You could also try using rubbing alcohol to clean the contacts for a portable air conditioner.

#7 The Fan Isn’t Rotating 

A stationary fan might mean that the mechanism is dirty or clogged. Remove the grille from your air conditioning unit and prepare the upright vacuum cleaner on low pressure with a brush attachment. A quick vacuum should remove the dirt and dust enough to free the fan blades and rotation part.

If not, the fan might be stuck on an off-position and will need our professionals to realign the thermostat wires or replace any broken pieces before the fan will work again. 

#8 A Blocked Air Filter

If the airflow from your unit seems weaker than usual, you can replace the old air filter by removing some screws and sliding the old one out. These are minor air conditioner problems, and a new air filter usually does the trick. Be sure to align everything perfectly before tightening the screws.

#9 A Dirty Evaporator

The evaporator cools down the inside of the air conditioner. If it becomes dirty, you might have a problem with mold or mildew growth. The best solution is replacing the old evaporator with a new one and cleaning the nearby surfaces, so there’s no chance of recurrence.

#10 Dirty Coils

You need to clean three coils (front, middle, and rear) on your air conditioner for it to work seamlessly year-round. You can clean these coils with a water hose or vacuum cleaner attachment. It’s also essential to ensure the unit is level so that the coolant circulates evenly throughout the components.

#11 Ice on the Condenser Coil

Condenser coils are usually outside your home. These coils cool down the hot air before sending it back into the house through the ductwork. If you notice a layer of ice here, use warm water to melt it so that the cold air can circulate efficiently.

#12 Clogs in the Defrost Drain

If you notice water accumulating on the outside surfaces or underneath your air conditioner, it might be a sign of ice inside the unit. Block off the drain with a rag and let it sit overnight—in the morning, all the ice should be melted, and the water will flow again. If you notice other water leaks, call our professionals for a closer look.

You can easily prevent these twelve common AC problems with a regular air conditioning service from our skilled professionals at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling. Call us at (816) 286-7258 today.