What is Preventive Maintenance?

With every new installation of a heating or cooling system comes the responsibility of keeping it in good working order. If you own a home, business, or rental property, the cost of maintaining your investment is probably already on your radar. Understanding the value of ongoing upkeep is vital if you intend to use your equipment uninterrupted.

We’re going to review what maintenance is and what happens during an inspection. We’ll also look at how preventative maintenance can benefit your bottom line. We’ll be focusing on heating and cooling equipment for residential properties.

Types of Maintenance for Indoor Air Systems

Maintenance of appliances and systems can occur under two categories: time-based and usage-based maintenance. If your manufacturer suggests maintenance every year, that’s a time-based maintenance plan. Equipment that requires maintenance after a certain number of uses falls under the usage-based maintenance category.

Most heating and cooling systems are on time-based plans and require an annual checkup to meet the manufacturer’s warranty. Following this maintenance schedule even after the warranty has expired will benefit your system. It’s to your advantage for dehumidifiers and air filtering equipment attached to your temperature system to also be inspected annually. Ask at the time of your heating and cooling service for these additional services to be included.

What Happens During System Maintenance?

A professional heating and cooling company will have its own point system for conducting maintenance services. You’ll see plans advertised for 19-point, 21-point, and 30-point inspections. Although the numbers can vary, there are four general tasks that must be addressed throughout the service. Your technician will spend time visually inspecting, cleaning, calibrating, and testing your system.

The goal is to ensure that each component isn’t damaged and is connected to and communicating with the system correctly. Your technician will look for leaks, worn-out parts, dirt buildup, proper pressure, adequate ventilation, and general condition. If parts need to be replaced or a repair taken care of, your technician will inform you. You’ll be given a repair estimate for your approval before a fix is made. Actual repairs aren’t usually part of the tune-up process.

Regular Maintenance Can Save You Money in Many Ways

Dependable heating and cooling equipment is vitally important for keeping you comfortable throughout the year. Maintenance can keep a system in optimal condition and ready to combat the coming season. An annual plan usually consists of two inspections: one in late spring and the other in early fall.

A tuned system is less likely to break down during extreme weather. Plus, once tuned, your equipment will operate in a more energy-efficient manner, which equals reduced energy costs. Regular maintenance lowers the likelihood of needing a major repair and extends the life of the equipment. Extending the use of your system another year or more gives you added room in your budget for other improvements. Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling offers an annual maintenance plan to customers in Atlanta and the surrounding communities. Let one of our skilled technicians assist you.

Repairs Versus Maintenance

Taking care of minor repairs and maintenance tends to be far more budget-friendly than facing major repair costs. The stress of summer heat and winter freezing can build up and wreak havoc on your equipment when you skip seasonal maintenance. Breakdowns typically happen during peak temperatures when a system is being pushed to its maximum capability.

Leaks and damaged components that go unaddressed can quietly be pushing your system to a major failure. Consistent attention to your home’s temperature system is key to circumventing costly repairs.

What Else Needs to Be Maintained?

It’s not just your heater or air conditioner that should be maintained. Regular cleaning of your air ducts and ventilation system can work to improve the air you breathe indoors. Inspections of humidity control devices and air filtration equipment attached to your heating and cooling system should also be on your maintenance list. Filters and refrigerant are two important components that require regular care. Homeowners should replace system filters every three to six months. Refrigerant is usually included during a spring AC tune-up.

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