Why Is Our Air Conditioner Not Cooling Our House?

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You may notice your air conditioner struggling to reach the cool temperature at which you’ve set it. You place your hand out over the return and, instead of cool relief, the air feels warm and disappointing. 

Or in another scenario, maybe it’s so subtle that your AC unit runs quietly so that you don’t notice that it’s running more than it used to. You may not notice, but your electric company sure does! Perhaps a higher bill is your first sign of a problem.

If you’re sweating it out at home, sitting in front of a box fan, and wondering, “Why is my air conditioner not cooling the house?”, it’s time to do some detective work and troubleshoot the cause.

Suspect Number One: The Thermostat

Start your search at the thermostat. 

  • Did it switch to another time in the program that happens to be set for a warmer temperature? 
  • Maybe the battery died. 
  • Try turning it to heat, then back to cool, and wait for the system to kick on. If everything is A-OK here, move on to your next stop.

Suspect Number Two: The Air Filter

Even a new air conditioner gets slowed down by a clogged, dirty air filter. Air filters block off things like dust and pet hair from entering your home’s air supply. 

Turn off your unit, locate, and retrieve the air filter. If it looks dirty or clogged, it’s contributing to your AC not cooling, if not solely responsible.

Suspect Number Three: The Outside Unit 

Frozen Evaporator Coil 

When an air conditioner runs almost incessantly, it’s churning out an abundance of cold air. With no break from running and working to cool the air in your home, the evaporator coil can get so frigid that a frosty buildup occurs. Eventually this burdens your unit so much that it can’t keep up with the demand. 

Shut down your AC unit altogether so the buildup doesn’t continue. This allows you to spend some time outside in the evening or morning — a cooler part of the day! Immediately call us at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling for AC repair in Liberty, MO.

Debris Buildup

Take a look into and around the unit outside your home. Can you see clumps of grass and other debris piled around? If so, these may be blocking the condenser fins. You can try cleaning them off by spraying them gently with a garden hose. If that doesn’t work, call us.

Unsolved Mystery: Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

If you’ve tried some basic troubleshooting and your AC still isn’t blowing cold air or getting down to where you set it, it’s time to call in the pros. Our technicians at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling in Liberty, MO, are standing by to service your struggling AC unit. Call us today at (816) 286-7258.