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Boiler Services in Liberty, MO

Heating with hot water is a reliable way to keep your home cozy no matter where you live. Though hot water heating may be powered by geothermal energy, most hot water heating today is powered by natural gas or electricity, with the water heated in a boiler.

Boiler heating systems are very long-lasting, but they still wear out eventually. When your boiler does need repairs or replacement, Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling offers boiler services in Liberty, MO. Read on to learn more about heat pumps, boiler services, and what our HVAC technicians can do for you and your heating system.

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Types of Hot Water Boiler Furnaces

Hot water boiler systems are based on radiant heat. The water heats in the boiler and is pushed throughout the system through pipes. These pipes may be beneath the floor, or they may lead to radiators throughout the house. Floor heating radiates up through the cement and tile, while radiators are controlled with a dial, releasing heat into the room.

There are three types of boiler furnaces, and they are classified by the way the water is conducted through the pipes.

Gravity-Based Systems

The oldest type of heating system in the world is the gravity-based heating system. As its name states, it uses gravity to control the flow of hot and cold water. Hot and cold water have different qualities in their density and thermodynamics. Hot water has a lower density, so it is forced up through the pipes, while cold water is denser and sinks back through the pipes with the help of gravity. This repeats, propelling the gravity-based system’s circulation cycle.

Forced Circulation Systems

Forced circulation boiler systems bypass gravity and use a pump to propel the hot water through the pipes. Forced circulation, also called a heat pump, is a more effective way to heat a home quickly and maintain a uniform temperature. Forced circulation boilers are also more energy efficient because the temperature is easier to control.

Hydronic Systems

Hydronic systems are more commonly known as “baseboard heating.” Another type of radiant heat, hydronic heating, replaces the traditional radiator with baseboards along the walls and uses convection to heat. The heating source is placed at floor level and the warm air, which is lighter, rises and displaces the cold air, which sinks.

Reasons You May Need Boiler Services in Liberty, MO

Boilers can fail for many reasons beyond old age. The pump system may fail, or the electrical system that powers the boiler may break down. Other issues may involve the water not moving through the pipes correctly, resulting in poor heating. In some cases, water can freeze within the lines or the radiator, causing cracks, leaks, and water damage.

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Boiler Services in Liberty, MO

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