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At Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling, our goal is to provide effective furnace repair services to customers who live in Liberty, MO. Since 2010, our business has delivered heating solutions in this region. The mission of our family-owned and -operated firm has always been to exceed customer expectations on every visit. Our technicians are proficient, licensed and properly trained. You can rely on us to handle any equipment regardless of the make or model. We know exactly what it takes to achieve your indoor comfort needs. If you rely on our furnace services, you will never feel stranded if your heater malfunctions unexpectedly.

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Fast, Convenient Liberty Furnace Service

When the winter arrives, temperatures typically start dropping quickly. If your furnace breaks down suddenly, you may be left stuck in freezing conditions. Fortunately, Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling is here to provide the speedy furnace repair you might need in the Liberty area. Our technicians are skilled and competent. We not only vow to get your equipment running again but also promise to do so in a timely manner. You can count on us when you need us most.

We’re even available 24/7 for emergency repairs that just can’t wait. Moreover, we have a friendly team that is more than willing to answer any questions you may have. After all, our goal is to bring you peace of mind. We’ll always treat you, your property and your equipment with respect and professionalism. Expect us to keep a tidy working area whenever we come to your home.

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Signs You Need Urgent Repairs:

Technical Expertise For Liberty Residents

Whatever urgent furnace service you need in Liberty, the team from Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling will show up on time. Our technicians will carry out thorough and attentive repairs that will restore your unit to peak operating condition. You can depend on us to meet your needs through cutting-edge techniques and a dedicated work ethic.

Once we’ve fixed it, why don’t you let us maintain your furnace to keep it running optimally? If it’s time for a replacement, we offer financing on furnace installations with approved credit. Our mission is to make sure that our top-grade services won’t break your budget. Bear in mind that we also perform trusted AC repairs in the region. Call us at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling today to schedule any of our services anywhere in the Liberty area.

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Furnace Service from Liberty’s Most Trusted HVAC Company

Our team of highly-trained certified technicians has provided the Liberty, MO, and Kansas City Metro Area with fast, reliable furnace service and diagnosis for over a decade—just take a look at our testimonials and accreditations. Our skilled technicians are known for their professionalism and attention to detail that will get your heating system back up and running.

Ensuring that your family remains warm and comfortable in your home all year is our top priority. Whether you need a completely new furnace system or are simply looking to schedule routine maintenance and repair, we’ve got you covered with high-quality furnace repair in Liberty, MO.

Heating System Repair

There are many reasons why your heating system might require immediate repair. These are intricate systems with many different components and parts, so it’s important to discuss any sudden changes with a professional right away.

When it comes to issues involving your HVAC system, calling for a small repair is often cheaper than waiting until a serious issue arrives. Whether it’s a malfunctioning sensor or a pilot light that won’t stay lit, one of our NATE-certified technicians at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling will find a quick solution to solve your problem and restore your home’s heat.

How Do I Know When to Call for Heater Repair?

Strange noises, short heating cycles, and unfamiliar smells are all reasons for concern regarding the viability of your heater. Some of these signs are harder to notice than others, so keep your eyes and ears open during the first few months of winter and fall when your heater is just getting started for the season. For now, let’s dive a little deeper into what might be causing your system trouble.

Unusual Smells

Some subtle smells are not usually a cause for concern, especially if you’re turning your heater on for the first time in a while. But you should note if your system produces burning or gas smells that don’t dissipate over time.

Without routine furnace maintenance, gas and dust build up in the system. It’s important to have an HVAC specialist diagnose this problem to ensure that your air quality is safe for your family.

Rattling, Clanking, or Hissing Noises

A typical heating cycle from a healthy HVAC system should only make a brief noise when turning on and off. You might also hear a low droning sound from the blowing mechanism, but this is normal. If you find that your system is making any grinding, rumbling, or squealing noises, you should take note right away and contact a professional.

Faulty motor bearings, malfunctioning flame sensors, wiring issues, or other hardware problems can cause these sounds. If left untreated, these issues can cause your furnace to break down. To ensure that your system is operating properly and not driving up energy costs, call Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling for a prompt furnace inspection.

When you first start to experience unusually loud noises, make a written note of it, so our technicians can better diagnose your situation.

Pilot Light Issues

When working properly, the pilot light is the ignition system that begins the heating cycle to warm your home. However, when malfunctioning, it can be the cause of many issues. It can be the culprit for many of the noise issues we mentioned above.

However, a discolored pilot light flame can indicate much more serious issues. A yellow flame can often be a sign that you have a build-up of gasses like carbon monoxide. If you notice this or any other indicators of rising carbon monoxide levels, it’s important that you take immediate steps to properly ventilate your home and call a professional right away and seek medical care if necessary.

Our NATE-certified technicians handle pilot light issues frequently, so give us a call for furnace repair in Liberty, MO, today!

Incomplete Heating Cycles

This may be harder to recognize than other common furnace issues, but it can be a sign that your system requires repair. During a typical winter day, you should notice two to three distinct heating cycles an hour, each lasting around 15 minutes.

However, furnaces that switch off after only a few minutes into their heating cycles are cause for concern. This can often result from faulty mechanisms like sensors, motors, and thermostats, but it can also be a sign that your home’s existing furnace was not properly fitted for the size of the space.

If you find that this is a common issue, we’ll be happy to discuss affordable furnace repair options as well as complete system upgrades.

How Can I Maintain My Furnace?

Just like a car or other piece of machinery, you can expect much cheaper HVAC repair bills if you provide ongoing maintenance and care to your system. Some of the most expensive problems are due to neglect and lack of proper examination.

One of the most important steps you can take as an HVAC system owner is to ensure that you are checking your air filters every month. Filters are responsible for removing dust and other allergens from your home’s airflow, and when they become clogged, you can expect all sorts of problems.

In addition, you should keep detailed notes of when you first started to experience any unusual or sudden changes in noises and smells associated with your system’s heating cycles. This can be important when diagnosing issues.

Emergency Furnace Repair

We understand that systems can fail at any time, so our team at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling provides top-quality repair services 24/7. The cold air of winter can quickly cause an uncomfortable—and even dangerous—situation for you and your family, so in a time of crisis, you may wonder: “Where is the best furnace repair near me?”

We’ve proudly served the Kansas City Metro Area for over a decade, so our Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling technicians are NATE-certified and have years of experience providing furnace repair in Liberty, MO. Just give us a call today!

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