As we step into the colder months, it may seem like we’re trading mosquito bites for cracked skin. While no amount of moisturizing can guarantee alleviation from dry skin, you shouldn’t throw in the towel.

For a better way to end your dry air problem, turn to humidifier services. Indoor air quality services by Air Unlimited in Liberty, MO, will keep you feeling healthy and your skin looking new.

Humidifier Services in Liberty MO

DIY Ways to Humidify the Air: How Well Do They Work?

The winter weather is notorious for carrying fewer water particles and creating lower humidity. The cooler air sucks up what little moisture is in your home, drying out your skin. However, throughout the years, people have found multiple ways to increase the humidity in the air naturally, by means of:

●        More House Plants: Evapotranspiration is the process of water evaporating from the leaves’ pores and into the surrounding air. As you water your houseplants, the moisture travels from the soil to the leaves, increasing humidity. Bamboo Palms and Boston Ferns have the highest transpiration rate, but it will still take at least two large plants per 100 square feet to make the slightest difference. 

●        Containers of Water: Leaving out an open water container like a pitcher or fishbowl increases humidity in a room due to evaporation. The evaporation process goes even faster if you leave water near a heat source. The effects of this method are similar to those of having plants, as you’ll need multiple large containers set around the house to increase humidity drastically.

●        Steam Sources: Taking hot showers or boiling water on the stove creates steam that instantly transforms indoor air quality. As opposed to a humidifier that you can run continuously, this method will only assist at certain times of the day for a short period.

What Can a Humidifier Do for Your Home?

If DIY methods aren’t cutting it, consider house humidifiers from humidifier services in Liberty, MO. Along with returning moisture to the air, these electrical appliances will:

●        Alleviate nasal dryness that can result in nose bleeds, sinus problems, and infections

●        Improve air quality since moisture kills bacteria

●        Enhance sleep by moistening the nasal passages, diminishing snoring and dry throats

The right home humidifier will also protect precious photos from fading, expensive paintings from becoming rigid, and wooden furniture from cracking.

Types of Humidifiers

When looking into humidifier services in Liberty, MO, discover the numerous options available for your living space.

Whole-House Humidifiers

Whole-home humidifiers connect to your heating and cooling system and pass through the ductwork into each room. The three main types of humidifiers include:

●        Bypass

●        Steam

●        Fan-Powered

Portable Humidifiers

Portable humidifiers are cheaper alternatives that you can move from one room to another. Although they can’t refresh your entire indoor space, people who live in smaller apartments or who mainly flock to a specific room prefer these for relieving the dry air that’s directly around them.

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