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Our technicians use their experience and training to handle HVAC filter replacement in Liberty, MO. We have a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and take pride in providing all of our customers with excellent customer service. 

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We make it easy to schedule an appointment to have your HVAC filter replaced, and we provide all our customers with clear and transparent prices. 

Signs It’s Time to Change Your HVAC Filter

Filters clean the air moving through AC units. Eventually, these filters become clogged with debris such as:

  •     Pollen
  •     Pet hair and dander
  •     Dust and dirt 

Once your filter gets clogged, it impacts the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. You may notice an increase in your energy expenses if you have a dirty filter, as the HVAC system works harder to push air through your vents. 

You may also notice strange odors in the air or strange noises as your HVAC system tries to work with a clogged filter. You may physically check the filter yourself. If you pull the filter out of the system and it appears visibly dirty, you may want to consider changing it.

Benefits of Changing Your HVAC Filter

Regular HVAC filter changes offer you several benefits here in Liberty. For one thing, keeping your filter clean can improve your IAQ. Getting rid of pollen and other contaminants can help you avoid symptoms like:

  •     Coughing
  •     Sneezing
  •     Watery eyes

Maintaining a clean filter is often especially important if you have individuals with allergies or asthma in your home. In addition to boosting your IAQ, clean filters reduce your energy costs and allow your HVAC unit to heat and cool your property more efficiently.

Finally, regular filter changes work to extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit. They also help you avoid breakdowns that often lead to expensive repairs. 

How Often to Change an HVAC Filter

For best results, consider changing your filters every few months. You can increase the frequency of the changes if you have multiple pets or if some residents of your house have severe allergies. 

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