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Family-owned-and-operated Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling is proud to offer personalized customer service to the residents of Independence, MO, no matter the project size or complexity. Our highly trained team of technicians provides reasonably priced services that have won awards five years in a row on Angie’s List for Super Service.

Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling has earned BBB accreditation and EPA certification. We use only top-quality products. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so customers can rely on our Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling team to do the job right.

On the coldest days of winter and the muggiest days of summer, residents of Independence need heating and cooling systems they can trust. Some customers choose to bundle them into a combined HVAC system, while others opt for stand-alone heating and central air conditioning systems.

Whichever you choose for your Independence residence, our HVAC contractors at Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling will help you select and install the most suitable make and model of equipment for your home.

The Pros of Hiring a Professional AC Company, Independence, MO

  • Years of experience mean that a professional air conditioner installer knows how all the different makes and models of AC units work. He or she can compare and contrast features, and with the additional understanding of Independence weather, can advise homeowners on systems that will adequately meet their requirements.
  • Technicians from a local air conditioning company in Independence can visit a home, getting to know its dimensions and how the air flows through it. This specialist knowledge means that you can select air conditioners with circulation patterns in mind, ensuring that cool air reaches everywhere it needs to go. When you purchase units online or from shops, you seldom consider these critical factors—as a result, your needs go unsatisfied.
  • A professional installation means that homeowners can be sure they will do the job correctly. Installation technicians will not leave until they have thoroughly checked the system, following safety protocols and ensuring that the system performs as it should.
  • If the homeowner is replacing an old unit, a professional AC company will disconnect the old one and remove it, making sure to contain messy and dangerous coolants. Sometimes, environmental regulations mean that you must dispose of AC units according to EPA rules, and a professional company will do this.


In addition to all these benefits, Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling offers attractive financing options for qualified customers and maintenance plans to keep systems in tiptop working condition.

Regular maintenance is the key to the long life and lasting efficiency of an AC unit. Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling offers maintenance either with or without a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans are a valuable option, though, as they relieve homeowners of the burden of remembering to make appointments and ensure that air conditioners get checked as regularly as they should be.

The benefits of regular maintenance from an AC service company in Independence are numerous.

#1. Improves Air Quality

During AC maintenance, technicians remove dirt, dust, and allergens that lodge within a system during air circulation. Failure to remove these substances can mean that particles dangerous to people’s health get back into the air supply. A dirty air conditioner can also transfer harmful particles to the duct system, necessitating their cleaning, as well.

#2. Increases Energy Efficiency

A clean system uses less energy to cool down hot air and release it into the home. During the maintenance process, engineers also check for problems with other parts that can cause energy bills to increase if you leave them unattended.

#3. Makes Home Interiors Cooler

If a system isn’t making things as cool as homeowners would like them to be, you have a sure sign that you need to call an air conditioning service technician to check it out. Regular maintenance prevents homeowners from getting into this unfortunate situation, ensuring that their AC units work at top efficiency. This tune-up results in cool air as soon as it is needed, wherever it is required.

#4. Means Fewer Repairs

Air conditioners that have regular maintenance save their owners money. During a scheduled maintenance call, technicians not only make sure the unit’s components are clean, but they also check for problems. Spotting and repairing a problem when it is small and inexpensive can help avoid it turning into a bigger, more costly problem. 

#5. Makes AC Units Last Longer

Just as with a car, the better an air conditioner gets maintained, the longer it will last. This adage is particularly true in climates where severe temperature changes put a lot of stress on AC and HVAC systems.

If your AC unit is acting up and needs repair, an AC repair company in Independence will restore your home’s cool air quickly and economically.

The expert technicians from Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling will arrive promptly and examine your equipment to discover what is wrong. Their years of experience with all make and models of AC units allow them to diagnose problems quickly and explain the options for air conditioning repairs to the homeowner.  Armed with this advice, homeowners can make the best decision—for their homes and their pocketbooks.

Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling provides emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter when the problem occurs, we will get you cool again in no time.

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