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Nobody likes scorching hot summer days, especially when your air conditioner is unreliable. You need to be sure your home or business will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but common HVAC malfunctions can cause stress and cost you big bucks in repairs. When faced with a poorly performing heating or cooling system, why not call the best in town? 

Cooling Service Agreements

At Air Limited Heating & Cooling, your comfort is our priority. We provide high-quality heating and cooling services to Mission, KS, and its surrounding areas. Call us today for any maintenance, repairs, and installations you may need. We are here to help you!

What We Offer?

We offer a wide range of top-notch HVAC services for our clients. Our highly recommended and efficient specialists will speak with you to understand what you need and provide you with transparency and honesty throughout the process. We will outline your options, give an estimate, and complete the job to restore your heating and cooling system. All of our specialists are well-versed in a variety of services, some including:

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of keeping your home comfortable and cool, especially during the summertime. Due to normal wear and tear, the quality of your AC unit diminishes as time progresses. Not to worry—our HVAC professionals are some of the best in Kansas City. Keeping up with regular maintenance will extend your unit’s lifespan and prevent future costly repairs and help you save money on electricity bills.

Air Conditioning Repair

AC units can have several different issues that require professional repair. When you neglect a failing air conditioning system, you further shorten its lifespan and increase the chance of costly emergency repairs. Loud noises coming from your unit, unusual odors, feel varying temperatures or warm air, or broken thermostats are all signs it is time to call Air Unlimited to schedule a repair. 

Air Conditioning Replacement

If properly maintained, most AC units have a life expectancy of up to 10 years. However, when your unit is at the end of its life and no longer functioning to cool your home, you will need to get it replaced. Our specialist will take care of the hard work and restore cool air to your home as efficiently as possible.

Furnace Maintenance

Not only do you need cool air in the summertime, but you also need heat in the winter. Your heating system is vital for keeping your family comfortable and secure. Save money on costly emergency repairs and replacements by keeping up with the maintenance of your furnace. One faulty part can cause significant damage to the entire unit, so it’s best to schedule regular maintenance with our expert technicians to keep your water heater, heat pumps, and furnace in good working order.

Furnace Repair

A reliable, functioning furnace is a must-have during our brutally cold Kansas City winters. If your furnace is not sufficiently heating your home, it may need to be repaired. If your pilot light is yellow, the unit is making strange noises, or the thermostat becomes faulty, call our experienced heating professionals to repair the malfunction and restore heat to your home.

Furnace Replacement

An aging or faulty furnace is not only be a nuisance but also a potential danger to those in your home. If you have made multiple repairs and your house is not comfortable during the winter months, consider replacing your furnace. Some signs that may indicate this need include the unit’s age, inconsistent heating, strange noises, or multiple repairs. Save yourself time and money and install a new furnace to increase your home’s energy efficiency!

Why Choose Us for Air Conditioning Service in Mission, KS

Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling has proudly served in the Kansas City area for over ten years. Our team of highly trained specialists focuses on taking the stress out of HVAC maintenance by making your needs our number one priority. At our family-owned business, we have made it our mission to ensure high-level, efficient, and friendly customer service for all clients. 

We provide free estimates before all installations and keep our specialists on call for emergencies 24/7. Check out our customer reviews to see what our satisfied customers have to say!

Our air conditioning services in Mission, KS, will exceed your expectations and fulfill your needs. We are confident that you will be satisfied with what we have to offer. Call Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling right away at (816) 286-7258.