Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling Service Agreements

You wouldn’t miss out on service appointments for your car, so why put your HVAC equipment on the back burner? Regularly maintained heating and cooling units may prevent costly problems in the future and will help your system operate smoothly on the hottest or coldest days of the season. By getting a service agreement, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your AC, furnace or other systems will run smoothly all season. Our maintenance checks may also keep the equipment operating at its peak efficiency so that you can continue working to reduce your utility bills and cut back on your environmental footprint.

Cooling Service Agreements

You won’t have to worry about your HVAC systems, and you’ll earn priority service and discounts on repairs if they do pop up. And, service visits will help you maintain a comfortable home all year – and that’s a win to us. When you sign up for a Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling service agreement, you can almost forget about your HVAC equipment. Our staff will make sure you have regularly scheduled maintenance on your systems, which include a collection of checks and tests to ensure the equipment is working at its top performance.

Call Air Unlimited Heating & Cooling at (816) 286-7258 to discover more about our service agreements for your HVAC systems in Liberty. You can also set up an appointment online. We’re skilled, knowledgeable and fully trained, so we can make sure your system stays in tip-top shape.

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